Service at the firm of SN SINGAL & CO. is prompt and efficient. It undertakes various professional jobs, some of which are as follows:

Tax/Company Law Matters

The firm offers consultation with respect to Company Formations, Tax matters, Tax Planning, International Taxation, Preparation and Filing of Returns, Appeals, Clearance Certificates, Assessments including interaction with the Income Tax Department, Reserve Bank of India, The Registrar of Companies, Registrar of Firms, etc.

Management Consultancy

This involves consultancy and assistance with respect to the following services:

  • Financial Structuring
  • Investments
  • Joint Ventures
  • Valuation of Business
  • Due Diligence
  • Risk Management
  • Setting up procedures & systems including preparation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Family Settlements
Systems Design

This service carries out designing of documentation and control systems in the organization, which will help in achieving the following:

  • Organization Structuring
  • Proper Communication
  • Authorization Levels
  • Timely and Accurate Management Reports
  • Decision Making
  • Information and Control Systems
  • Detection of Frauds
  • Balanced Growth
Statutory Audits

The firm has been appointed Statutory Auditors of various manufacturing, financial, trading and software corporations, both listed as well as private.

Internal Audits

Here, the service includes carrying out Internal Audits of several listed corporations, both in the manufacturing and financial fields. The Internal Audit carried out includes the following forms of audit:

  • Management Audit
  • Financial Audit
  • Systems Audit
  • Efficiency Audit
  • Cost Controls
Tax Audits

Tax Audit as per the provision under the Income Tax Act are carried out for various corporations and firms.

Accounting Services

The firm is well equipped to provide accounting services to clients located anywhere in the world through the internet. The accounting services can be rendered on-site through the net or at our office as per the client’s requirements.

The SN SINGAL & CO. team is equipped to cater to any professional service required by the client. Besides this, the executives are also responsible and efficient. It is one of the few firms that gives its clients complete service in various professional fields.

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